About Bargn.co.uk

What is Bargn.co.uk?

Bargn.co.uk is brand new online community brought together with the strong interest in finding, sharing and scrutinising deals and bargains in the UK. This is the place where we share the best bargains in the UK and share them with each other. Our goal is simple – bringing the best deals and bargains in the UK to consumers.

How does Bargn.co.uk work?

  1. Register or Login using the button in the top bar.
  2. Submit new deals.
  3. Vote Hot (THUMBS UP) or Cold (THUMBS DOWN) on other deals.
  4. Comment on other deals with other other members of the community.
  5. Earn your Bargn.co.uk XP (BXP).

How do I vote?

When you first come to Bargn.co.uk you will be shown the most recent deals to be posted by our community. You can let everyone else know you think it is a good deal by hitting the (THUMBS UP) button, or if you think the deal is a miss then hit the (THUMBS DOWN) button. You will need to be a member before you are able to vote, so just hit the Join button at the top of the page and sign up, it only takes a second or two. Once you are a member you will start to earn Bargn XP for most activities on our website. When you vote, when you comment, when you post a deal, when you sign in etc.

I am looking to advertise my goods.

If you are a merchant, an online store owner, an employee of a retail shop, etc, then we would ask you not to post any deals here. We are purely a community based website run by shoppers and bargain hunters.

What’s this about and Contributing & Earning?

When you contribute to the Bargn.co.uk community you are awarded Bargn XP (BXP), these Experience Points can be acculumlated and exchanged for vouchers such as Amazon, Ebay and One4all High Street vouchers. The first payable level is 200 BXP, at this point you can claim your first £20 voucher. Every 200 BXP after this is another £20 voucher. This offer is open to our first 1000 members only.

Bargn Experience Points (BXP) Rate Table

Registering at Bargn.co.uk 1.00 BXP
Yearly Anniversary at Bargn.co.uk 5.00 BXP
Visiting Bargn.co.uk 0.25 BXP per day
Viewing Deals 0.10 BXP per view (max 0.5 BXP per day)
Others Viewing Your Deals 0.10 BXP per view (max 0.5 BXP per day)
Adding New Deals 0.50 BXP per deal (max 2.5 BXP per day)
Commenting on Deals 0.10 BXP per comment on single post (max 1 BXP per day)
Receiving a HOT VOTE 0.01 BXP per vote (max 0.25 BXP per day)

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